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Vision is commited to providing quality stock data and analysis to Canadian investors and those living abroad.


Welcome to, your source for information about Canadian Stocks and other financial information online.

We are here primarily to keep you up to date with information about Canadian exchange traded corporations (public stocks), REITs, Income Trusts, Preferred Shares, Options, ETFs, Broker Reviews and other stock related news. We seek to become a one-stop location for gathering informed information for managing your Canadian stock investments.*

Our principal goal is to help you find shares of stock that fit your own personal investment profile and then help you keep up to date with stock news, shareholder information and more. Our secondary goal is to provide analysis and pick stocks and other instruments that work best for our authors.

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to contact us. We want to create a vibrant stock community, so if you want to help out, let us know.

Below we have the many categories of stock market information available to you, the user. Under each broad category we have articles and updates pertaining to the type of financial instruments mentioned. These articles will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for more stock market news in Canada.

Stock Market News & Updates By Category

Below you will find various updates to the site.

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Update: We are currently working on a live stock prices software with real time market data and hot/cold movers to give you up to date quotes. We would like to provide stock market data for foreign markets, option spreads and tickers

We would also like to make a stock market game available. There would be a trading volume and market cap restriction on the picks you can make, but they will not be limited solely to blue chip stocks. Users will be able to make tips on which way they think a particular equity will move and other users will be able to bet on these. The uniting ideas and driving forces of the game will be learning, tracking/watching. Whether you are a casual, passive investor or a day trader who trades as a business - this application will hopefully help you to learn to make money in this volatile economy. We hope you can Beat Bay Street!

*make extra sure you read our disclaimer before reading any articles