Stock Screeners for Canadians

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If you are researching potential investments a stock screener is an amazing tool for analysis.

A good stock screener can help you search by variables for stocks that fit your investment profile. For instance, if you are looking for a small cap, value stock with low price/book ratio, low P/E, low debt, etc... All you would need to do is log into Yahoo!'s phenominal screener and plug in search operators that meet these guidelines. The screener would run and find the stocks you are looking for.

It isn't always so easy for Canadian investments screening.


Canada's Free Stock Screeners - a Comparison

If you are looking to invest in American stocks, there are many great screeners available to you for research. Yahoo! Finance, Google, and many others. As a Canadian, your options are much more limited, but there are a few free screeners that that fit the bill.

The Globe and Mail Stock Screener: I use this one frequently, it has many more options available if you subscribe, but it is a decent screener when you use the free version. They call it a stock filter, check out the link. It has its flaws, but it may be the best in Canada. Often the options you choose to filter by do not show up in the results - you have to click on the particular stock to determine what the value is.

MSN Money - Stock Finder let's you find the best ranked companies by Industry, Revenue, CAP, Income, Yield, 5 year revenue growth, P/E Ratio, Debt to Equity, and profit margin. Another ok Screener for Canadian equities. The way the screener functions is interesting but restrictive. It generalizes and tries to find stocks that best fit your screener requirements. It is fairly useless and the Globe's screener is still a better program.

Some Screeners like this one, the Finviz Scanner, allow you to filter only Canadian companies traded on the S&P, (NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX). This may have some use, but a TSX screener would be best.

Canoe Investment Screener - Not bad, again, terrible by American standards. Very few screener options and the options you choose (eg. dividend yield), do not show up in the search results. UPDATE: link appears to be broken

Another Option - Very limited screener settings. P/E, Market Cap, Volume only

Conclusion: There really arent a lot of great options here, unfortunately. The Globe is the best that the author knows of.

Canada's paid screeners

So, what paid screeners work well?

Apparently TD Waterhouse has a good one, but you need a brokerage account - so this is hearsay.