Canadian Stock Analysis and Tools

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Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis

Vision is commited to providing quality stock data and analysis to Canadian investors and those living abroad.


There are many tools and methods of analysis available to Canadian investors.

Whether you are a stock picking day trader or a long term investor, there are endless tools and analysis techniques available to you.

In terms of analysis, there are two opposing & cooperating schools: Fundamental and Technical Read more about them here.



Some incidental items that we have discovered regarding the tracking of Canadian equities.

Other Articles

Future Analyses: We will be provided market and stock analysis on many global and Canadian equities in the near future. Some of the high volume equities that we will be analyzing soon are: Uranium One, Manulife Financial Corp, Bombardier, Denison Mines Corp, Eastern Platinum Ltd, Equinox Minerals, Western Canadian Coal Corporation, Lake Shore Gold Corp, Royal Bank, Research in Motion (RIM) and many others.

Our analysis of the Canadian market is on the whole currently bearish. The Canadian consumer and government - at all levels - is overburdened with debt and once this gives way, we will be experiencing a negative feedback effect on the entire economy. But, as we usually suggest, you should read our disclaimer regarding our opinions.