Canadian Stocks with the Lowest Debt/Equity Ratio

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highest debt to equity

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As a companion to our article about stocks with the highest debt/equity ratio, we have an article about the lowest.

Companies with a low debt to equity ratio are generally better off financially. If they are earning good money and are valued at safe multiples and have low debt, you may have found a good value investment!

See our article on highest debt to equity Canadian equities.

Below we have a list of the companies discussed. It may or may not be accurate and fully inclusive of all low debt/equity ratio companies on Canada. We have mentioned that some of these might be value plays. On the other hand, many of these probably represent terrible value. It is possible to be a terrible company and have low debt, as I am sure you are aware. As always, due dilligence is required in picking a stock.

Lowest Debt to Equity Ratios on the TSX

Company Ticker debt/equity
Northstar Healthcare  NHC  0.01
Klondex Mines Ltd  KDX  0.01
Trident Performance Corp. II  TCZ  0.01
Energy Fuels  EFR  0.01
Goldcorp Inc.  0.01
Dynacor Gold Mines  DNG  0.01
Strateco Resources  RSC  0.01
WaterFurnace Renewable Energy  WFI.U (US$)  0.01
WaterFurnace Renewable Energy  WFI  0.01
Star Hedge Managers  XHM.A  0.01
Sprott Resource  SCP  0.01
North American Palladium  PDL  0.01
Churchill Corporation  CUQ  0.01
Eastern Platinum  ELR  0.01
Prime Restaurants  EAT  0.01
Wallbridge Mining Company  WM  0.01
Silvercorp Metals  SVM  0.01
Erdene Resource Development  ERD  0.01
Avion Gold  AVR  0.01
Serica Energy PLC  SQZ  0.01
Home Capital Group  HCG  0.01
Chartwell Technology Inc  CWH  0.01
Platinum Group Metals  PTM  0.01
WebTech Wireless Inc.  WEW  0.01
International Datacasting  IDC  0.01
Evertz Technologies  ET  0.01
Lake Shore Gold  LSG  0.01
San Gold Corporation  SGR  0.01
Indigo Books & Music  IDG  0.01
NeuLion  NLN  0.01
Ballard Power Systems  BLD  0.01
Thompson Creek Metals  TCM  0.01
Tuscany International Drilling  TID  0.01
Canada Bread Co.  CBY  0.01
NGEx Resources  NGQ  0.02
Pan American Silver  PAA  0.02
Entree Gold  ETG  0.02
Imperial Oil  IMO  0.02
Aeroquest International  AQL  0.02
H. Paulin & Co.  PAP.A  0.02
DDS Wireless International  DD  0.02
Glentel Inc.  GLN  0.02
Day4 Energy  DFE  0.02
Velan Inc.  VLN  0.02
GENIVAR Inc.  GNV  0.02
AEterna Zentaris  AEZ  0.02
Fortuna Silver Mines  FVI  0.02
Cash Store Financial Services  CSF  0.02
Polaris Minerals  PLS  0.02
Magna International  MG  0.02
Intermap Technologies  IMP  0.03
Reitmans (Canada)  RET  0.03
Reitmans (Canada)  RET.A  0.03
Pacific Insight Electronics  PIH  0.03
Lithium Americas Corp.  LAC  0.03
Fortune Minerals  FT  0.03
TransAtlantic Petroleum  TNP  0.03
Kingsway Intl Holdings  KIH  0.03
C.A. Bancorp Inc.  BKP  0.03
Jura Energy  JEC  0.03
Wescast Industries  WCS.A  0.03
Timbercreek Mortgage Invest.  TMC  0.03
Armistice Resources  AZ  0.03
Transition Therapeutics Inc  TTH  0.03
Espial Group  ESP  0.03
MTY Food Group  MTY  0.03
Neo Material Technologies  NEM  0.03
Breakwater Resources  BWR  0.04
Caledonia Mining  CAL  0.04
Platmin Ltd  PPN  0.04
Imperial Metals Corp.  III  0.04
Sulliden Gold Corporation  SUE  0.04
5N Plus  VNP  0.04
Orvana Minerals  ORV  0.04
Quadra FNX Mining Ltd.  QUX  0.04
Silvermex Resources Inc.  SLX  0.04
First Majestic Silver  FR  0.04
Consol. Thompson Iron Mines  CLM  0.04
DHX Media  DHX  0.04
Noveko International  EKO  0.04
Legacy Oil + Gas  LEG  0.05
Midway Energy  MEL  0.05
Gammon Gold  GAM  0.05
Argonaut Gold  AR  0.05
B2Gold  BTO  0.05
AlarmForce Industries  AF  0.05
Azure Dynamics  AZD  0.05
Envoy Capital Group (D)  ECG  0.05
Third Cdn. Gen. Invest. Trust  THD  0.05
Solium Capital Inc  SUM  0.06
Franconia Minerals Corp.  FRA  0.06
Hammond Power Solutions Inc  HPS.A  0.06
Chinook Energy  CKE  0.06
Posera-HDX Inc.  HDX  0.06
PHX Energy Services  PHX  0.06
Ten Peaks Coffee Company  TPK  0.06
Continental Gold Limited  CNL  0.06
Dundee Precious Metals  DPM  0.06
K-Bro Linen Inc.  KBL  0.06
Secure Energy Services  SES  0.06
Tranzeo Wireless Technologies  TZT  0.06
Calmena Energy Services  CEZ  0.07
Lundin Mining  LUN  0.07
Hyduke Energy Services  HYD  0.07
Pace Oil and Gas Ltd.  PCE  0.07
Xinergy Ltd.  XRG  0.07
Rockwell Diamonds  RDI  0.07
New Dawn Mining  ND  0.07
Alexis Minerals Corporation  AMC  0.07
ShawCor Ltd.  SCL.A  0.07
ShawCor Ltd.  SCL.B  0.07
BRC DiamondCore  BCD  0.07
Eldorado Gold  ELD  0.07
OSI Geospatial  OSI  0.07
Ridley Inc.  RCL  0.07
Sprott Resource Lending  SIL  0.08
Major Drilling Group Intl.  MDI  0.08
WGI Heavy Minerals  WG  0.08
Trevali Resources  TV  0.08
Yamana Gold Inc.  YRI  0.08
McGraw-Hill Ryerson  MHR  0.08
Buhler Industries  BUI  0.08
Silver Wheaton  SLW  0.08
Forzani Group  FGL  0.08
Minco Silver  MSV  0.08
ADF Group  DRX  0.08
Vecima Networks  VCM  0.08
Dejour Enterprises  DEJ  0.08
Consolidated HCI Holdings  CXA.B  0.08
Axia NetMedia  AXX  0.08
Nuvo Research  NRI  0.09
Revett Minerals Inc.  RVM  0.09
ZCL Composites  ZCL  0.09
Katanga Mining  KAT  0.09
Mandalay Resources Corp  MND  0.09
Coastal Contacts  COA  0.09
E-L Financial Corporation  ELF  0.09
Atna Resources  ATN  0.1
Northgate Minerals Corp.  NGX  0.1
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.  WDO  0.1
Emerge Oil & Gas  EME  0.1
Inmet Mining  IMN  0.1
PineTree Capital  PNP  0.1
Candente Gold  CDG  0.1
Nevada Copper  NCU  0.1
Insignia Energy Ltd.  ISN  0.1
Sure Energy  SHR  0.1
Savanna Energy Services  SVY  0.1
Goldgroup Mining Inc.  GGA  0.1
EMC Metals  EMC  0.1
Endeavour Silver  EDR  0.11
Sonde Resources  SOQ  0.11
Aastra Technologies  AAH  0.11
Ensign Energy Services  ESI  0.11
Cequence Energy  CQE  0.11
OPMEDIC Group  OMG  0.11
Canaccord Financial  CF  0.11
Spartan Exploration  SPE  0.11
Aura Minerals  ORA  0.11
Essential Energy Services Ltd.  ESN  0.12
Dalsa Corp.  DSA  0.12
CIBT Education Group  MBA  0.12
ATS Automation Tooling Systems  ATA  0.12
Laurentian Bank of Canada  LB  0.12
Belzberg Technologies  BLZ  0.12
BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd.  BXI  0.12
Acadian Mining  ADA  0.12
Tiger Resources  TGS  0.12
Kinross Gold  0.13
Kinross Gold  K.U (US$)  0.13
Second Wave Petroleum  SCS  0.13
COM DEV International  CDV  0.13
Vena Resources  VEM  0.13
Crescent Point Energy  CPG  0.13
Bankers Petroleum  BNK  0.13


List current as of Jan 2011