The Best FOREX Brokers in Canada

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There are fewer options for foreign exchange currency trading in Canada. This article will give you access to each of them.

We don't normally discuss forex trading on Canadastock, but for our brokerage reviews section, we decided to make an exception.



The author of this article only has direct experience with The first two brokers. You should read our disclaimer and also review the others to see if they meet your needs.

  1. QuestTrade: decent commision, good customer service, easy to use platform, and easy to sign up. Click the link above to check out Questrade.
  2. Interactive Brokers: low commisions, great platform and easy to use.
  3. MF Global Canada
  4. InvestTechFX Trading
  5. Friedberg Direct
  6. FX Clearing
  7. ForexYard


Since we have not used all the brokers mentioned, our review is a tad skewed and biased. We have, however, reviewed the terms of each and based upon that we have come to this conclusion.