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You are about to read our Questrade Review. It is based upon the author's extensive usage of Questrade for over 11 years. Questrade is the best low-cost online stock brokerage firm in Canada. Full Stop

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Questrade is one of Canada's online discount brokerages. The author has used them almost exclusively to trade stocks long & short in the form of a General account, a TFSA and a RRSP account. He cannot comment directly on options trading, commodities, forex and other services offered by Questrade.

I have been with Questrade for about 3 years now. A large portion of my invested funds are held in 3 questrade accounts. Some in a TFSA, some in a RRSP and some in a regular trading account. Questrade is great for purchasing large quantities of lower priced stocks. Their commision of 4.95 (1 cent per share), up to $9.95 is PERFECT for buying large quantities of a low priced stock.

For instance, the author owns a large block of shares in Compton Petroluem which is currently priced at 42 cents per share. Purchasing shares in this company would be very prohibitive at his other broker - interactive brokers - who offer very low per share purchase prices, but would be very prohibitive with a share priced this low.

Most trades I perform on Questrade cost me only about $5 dollars. Compared to many other brokerages, this is a steal. They offer a wide range of products and offer several trading platforms. I am able to buy US and canadian securities in my TFSA and that is working out great.

The only reason I cannot give Questrade a full 5/5 review, is the fact that their trading platform leaves something to be desired. Click the Quest Trade logo to read more.

FINAL SCORE: 4.9 / 5

SUMMARY: a nearly perfect stock brokerage for nearly any Canadian investor

Updated: Jan, 2017 - I've updated this review to a 4.9/5 because in the 6 years since it was written, Questrade has enormously improved their online trading platform. It is much more robust and full-featured than it was back in 2010. I would say it is now almost as good as the Interactive Brokers Platform (our favorite). Another plus - you can buy ANY ETF with no comission!

Original review: Dec 8 , 2010