TD Direct Investing Review

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My has TD investing come a long way since I first gave them a look. Their trading platform. But unfortunately, for a number of reasons, they still also have a long way to go

This review will compare some of TD's features with other brokerages and try to give you an idea of the services they have to offer. Note: as always, this review may not be up to date, accurate and is simply our opinion.


TD Review: 3.5/5

Signing up with TD direct investing is very easy. They make the process quite painless for new users. You need to have $15,000 across all of your trading accounts in order to avoid a $25 quarterly fee. Stocking trading commissions are $9.99 flat fee per trade. If youre an active trader, and you trade more than 250 per quarter, this fee drops to $6.99. We feel that , in this day and age, these fees are quite high.