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In Canada there are a number of stock brokers to choose from.

If you are a self-directed investor, you are most likely a small investor investing under $500,000 on the stock market. In this case, probably the best broker option available to you is a small, low-cost, online brokerage. Which specific brokerage is the best fit for you is difficult to determine without knowing first which kind of stock investing you like to partake in.

Are you a long term investor, a swing trader or a day trader? Do you trade options, stocks, or both?

Are you interested in purchasing foreign stocks, commodities, forex (foreign exchange currencies), mutual funds, or any other investment vehicles? How many trades do you make per day? Per week? Per year? How much money do you have to invest? Do you want to buy stocks/options on margin (borrowing money from your broker to buy stocks)?

Depending on how you answer these questions there are a few different discount online stock brokers in Canada that may be your best fit. Below we present an updated list of Canadian brokerages, their fees, startup costs, minimum balances, interest paid on balances and much more.

There are many online and other types of brokers available to Canadians. Some are Canadian companies and some are foreign who operate in Canada. AS mentioned above, depending on your investment style any one of these brokers may suit your appetites. We will try to review each Broker in turn in the future.

Canadian Stock Broker Reviews

The other option, if you're not very tech savvy, is to engage a local Stock Brokers. We're planning on implementing an index that lists stock Brokerage Firms by Region: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, London

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