Stock Broker Salary in Canada

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If you're considering a career in stocks, and you've though about joining the legions of stock brokers in Canada, you must be wondering: what is the bottom line?

How much does a stock broker make - typically - in Canada? The answer isn't completely straightforward. It depends, as many industries do, on experience, skill, hard work, connections and training.

From my understanding, the average Canadian broker working for a respectable firm makes roughly $100,000 per year. This is not so much the norm, but the average. Many brokers make more and many make less.

The business is comission only, so how much you make relies entirely on how active your customers are in trading and how many and (how much) you customers have.

As an entry level broker, you might only make 50-70 k (or less). As we previously discussed, you make most of your money on commissions and brokerages.