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Vision is commited to providing quality stock data and analysis to Canadian investors and those living abroad.



We are working on our own proprietary free stock charting software to help you with technical and fundamental analysis.  In the meantime, we offer stock charts from various freely available embeddable stock charting websites on the internet. 

Some information about stock charts:


What is a Stock Chart

A stock chart is a graphical and historical representation of a temporal statistic that pertains to a particular equity. Most often a stock chart tracks the historical price and historical volume of a stock. This can be done on any timescale and at any intervals. Most modern stock charting softwares (be they standalone software or website based) offer a dynamic perspective where you can view any date range and track the historical performance of a stock.

Depending on your application and investment style, you may be looking at any thing ranging from a hourly chart with intervals in the seconds, or a 10 year stock chart, with each interval representing a month. When you look at a stock chart, you are generally engaging in technical analysis. A TA analyst is looking for patterns in a stock chart that may predict where the future price of the stock will lie.

While stock charts most commonly represent the price of one of more stocks, they can also be used to track many other pieces of information. eg. Standard Moving Averages. You can read more about the many different aspects of technical analysis that stock charts are used to perform here.



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