Canada Government Bond ETFs

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If you want the diversification of an ETF and the perceived security of a Canadian government bond, then these ETFs may be for you.

We have written a general article on Canadian government bond ETFs and it is availbale here: This article covers all bond ETFs and we feel that it would be all that you will need for information. So please, follow the mentioned link to read more about those bonds.

Canadian bonds can be divided into several categories: Provincial bonds (eg. Ontario Savings bonds), Federal Bonds (Canada savings bonds), real return bonds which protect against inflation, and municipal bond ETFs. Please see a full list of the canadian bond ETFs available here.

Canadian Government Bond ETFs
Canadian Government Bonds      

BMO Canadian Government Bond Index ETF   

ZGB Government Bond
BMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETF ZPS Government Bond
Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Government Bond ETF CLF Government Bond
iShares CDN Government Bond Index Fund
XGB Government Bond
BMO Short Federal Bond Index ETF ZFS Government Bond
US 30 Year Bond Bear Plus ETF HTD Leveraged US Treasuries
US 30 Year Bond Bull Plus ETF HTU Leveraged US Treasuries
iShares DEX Real Return Bond Index Fund XRE Real Return Bond Fund
iShares DEX Universe Bond Index Fund XBB Diversified Government


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