20 ETFs Trading Under Book Value

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The list of ETFs is as of Dec 24, 2010.

At a glance, you can't find that many ETFs that trade under book. It is not uncommon, in this day and age, to find ETFs that trade at multiples of 4+ in terms of p/b ratio. Below we have a table with 20 ETFs that trade below average net book value.



As you can see they are concentrated largely in unpopular sectors at the moment. Japan has a number of the lowest ones. In addition Russia and the rest of Europe have a few on the list. This is largely likely due to extreme debt concerns in each of these areas. Russia, on the other hand, is likely low due to corruption and instability.

Japan has been living in the 20 year bear market and ETFs composed of Japanese Equities are poisonous to many investors. These may represent a good contrarian play.

20 ETFs trading below book value.

Fund Name Symbol ETF Category  Fund Family Avg P/E Ratio avg P/S  Price/ Cashflow Price/ Book
iShares MSCI Italy Index EWI European Stocks iShares 10.93 0.58 2.48 0.64
WisdomTree Japan SmallCap Dividend DFJ Japanese Stocks WisdomTree 13.3 0.31 2.79 0.7
SPDR S&P Russia RBL European Stocks State Street Global Advisors 7.55 0.62 7.13 0.77
SPDR Russell/Nomura Small Cap Japan JSC Japanese Stocks State Street Global Advisors 13.75 0.37 2.88 0.8
iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap Index SCJ Japanese Stocks iShares 13.38 0.37 2.87 0.81
iShares MSCI Europe Financials Index EUFN Financials iShares 9.99 0.61 2.48 0.83
Market Vectors Russia ETF RSX European Stocks Van Eck 8.45 0.71 5.21 0.84
First Trust Global Wind Energy FAN Energy Stocks First Trust 15.81 0.55 4.42 0.84
PowerShares Global Wind Energy PWND Energy Stocks PowerShares 20.16 0.64 3.77 0.86
SPDR KBW Insurance KIE Financials State Street Global Advisors 10.06 0.81 3.76 0.91
iShares Dow Jones US Insurance IAK Financials iShares 9.64 0.84 5.21 0.91
Claymore/Delta Global Shipping SEA Industrial ETFs Claymore Securities 11.15 0.83 4.46 0.91
Claymore/Delta Global Shipping SEA Industrial ETFs Claymore Securities 11.15 0.83 4.46 0.91
iShares MSCI Austria Investable Market Index EWO European Stocks iShares 12.87 0.8 4.56 0.92
Guggenheim Solar TAN Energy Stocks Guggenheim Funds 13.46 0.66 1.48 0.94
SPDR KBW Bank KBE Financials State Street Global Advisors 14.52 1.28 1.43 0.95
SPDR S&P International Financial Sector IPF Financials State Street Global Advisors 11.19 0.57 2.95 0.95
iShares MSCI Spain Index EWP European Stocks iShares 9.12 0.74 2.48 0.95
PowerShares Dynamic Insurance PIC Financials PowerShares 10.32 0.81 2.77 0.97