How to Buy ETFs in Canada

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So, you've heard about ETFs and you think they are the right investment vehicle for you.

So, how do you invest in them? The act of investing in ETFs is virtually identical to investing in stocks. You can buy ETFs on any major stock exchange where they trade daily just as stocks do. So, if you already have a stock broker who you use to buy and sell stocks, you're set. You can already buy ETFs. (Do some research into which ETFs are the best for your profile and risk tolerance).

If you aren't setup to buy and sell stocks, then you need to follow the first logical step. Get a stock broker! We have an article here that can help you get started. Stock Brokers in Canada.

Once you've got a Broker

If you don't understand how ETFs work, or even what they are (you might have just had a friend or aquaintance tell you they're the place to be), then you need to do some back ground reading. Check out our ETF Section for more information and informative articles for the Canadian ETF beginner.

There you have it, trading ETFs is as simple as investing in stocks - it's easy. Now, if it were only so easy to make money doing it!

Thanks for reading!