Canadian Stock Sector ETFs & ETNs

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Many ETFs & ETNs cover groupings of stocks by the sector and/or industry in which they lay.

These ETFs generally try to mimic a sector index by holding proportional sized blocks of shares in each company listed on the index.

As per usual there are bull and bear iterations for these sector representing ETFs.


Sector ETFs work well if you have an idea about where a sector is going to go - up or down - but do not have an idea as to which stocks specifically will move or want to spread out your risk.

There are leveraged versions of sector ETFs available (2x or 3x bull or bearish ETFs), but as we normally state, the author of this article would never consider dabbling in one of these dangerous products. If you are interested in read why these instruments are dangerous to use, you can check out our ETF article section for more information.

Below we have a table which attempts to represent each of the sectors an industry ETF can represent. If you click on the hyperlink, you can read an article about these ETFs and look for one that fits your investment profile.




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Natural Resources

Mining ETFs

Financial ETFs

ETFs in the financial sector or FIRE sector have come under fire in the US recently due to the economic crisis. Investors have learned that this is a sector to tread carefully in









Health Care & Biotech

Other Industries

Other Categories