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The Montreal stock exchange (MX) system is a system that is unique on its own rights.

The Montreal exchange system is a system located in Montreal that relies on future contracts, options, equities, indicies, and currencies. Ever since 1965, it has been located on Montreal’s third tallest building.
At one time, Montreal was the metropolis of Canada. The stock change was growing quickly. By 1910, the number of trades amounted to $2.1 million while Toronto’s exchange system only reached approximately $900,000 million.

World War 1 ended Canada’s independence on London’s market. During that time, Canada’s economy was growing rapidly as a result of the war. However, in 1929, the crisis hit Montreal hard. Toronto’s stock exchange system eventually surpassed Montreal’s by 1934. After that, Toronto would then become the metropolis of Canada all the way until 1970.

Montreal stock exchange Options

1982 came by and the Montreal stock exchange changed its name to Montreal exchange to reflect the importance of financial instruments on its trading floor.

At the end of 2001, the exchange had finally completed its migration to a fully automated system, thus becoming the first traditional exchange system to complete this transformation.

In 2004, the exchange became the sole provider of electronic trade system and support for BOX, making it the first foreign exchange responsible for day to day technical operations. That contract provided Montreal exchange with a significant part of its revenue.

The Montreal stock system has been the centerpiece of Canada for a while, but as all things go, it must have a period of crisis and it eventually lost to Toronto for a while.