Canadian Stock Investing

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This article details the principles of stock investing in Canada.

The difference between trading and investing is mainly one of timeframe and outlook. Traders may or may not believe in a company as an investment. It IS possible to be both a trader or an investor. However, they may also NOT believe in the company as an investment. They may be looking for mere stock appreciation as opposed to long term gains.

Investors in equities, on the other hand, are in it for the long haul. Not only that, but more importantly, they believe in the company or investment. They believe it is undervalued substantially and is going to experience growth. An investor generally buys and holds a stock or other asset indifinately.

Some argue that there is no real difference between investing and trading, but we at Canada Stock feel otherwise. For reasons we have outlined above, we feel the differences are huge (especially when comparing a long term investor to a short term day trader)

Are you a Trader or an Investor?

If you think you might be a trader or a potential trader, read our article on traders here. As you learn more about investing/trading and grow your knowledge in stocks, you will soon learn what style of investing suits you.

As a Canadian, you might believe in the extreme long term success of Canada's burgeoning tar sand developments in Alberta. You may be looking for an ETF that tracks the developments out there and you want to be a part of the development for a very long time frame - potentially the rest of your life.

On the other hand, imagine the price of oil has just hit recents lows (as it did amidst the depths of the 2008 recession at 30s per barrel). While this would have been a good time for an investor to get in as well, it is more a play a trader would have made. While an investor was already feeling the pain of the drop in prices, but resting assured that the development was safe. The clever trader might swoop in and pick up oil stocks at the cheap, hoping for a swing up.

Below you will find articles about Investing in Canada.We hope you enjoy long term Bay Street success.