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Canadian Exchanges

Vision is commited to providing quality stock data and analysis to Canadian investors and those living abroad.


The stock market in Canada is a large and diverse.

As a Canadian investor in the 21st century you have access to an unbelievably large and diverse globalized investment market. Whether you are investing in Stocks, ETFs or other instruments, you have unpredcidented access to world and Canadian markets.

With the advent of the internet and online market data and brokerages, you can trade shares in markets as far flung as Australia or Japan.

Through your broker - depending on which broker you are with - you are able to access various online markets and exchanges. Some Brokerags enable you to access virtually every market in the world!

As a Canadian, you need to keep in mind the various tax advantages and disadvantages of trading various stock instruments from various locations. Dividends and capital gains are taxed differently depending on which world market they are from. You should consult an accountant when deciding to invest globally.

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