Communication Sector by Market Cap

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Communications are a more vital sector in Canada now than ever.

The TSX Comm and Media sector is dominated by several big media and telecom giants. BCE (Bell Canada), Rogers and Telus are the big three dominant players in Canadian telecom and some have suggested they run a virtual monopoly on the sector in Canada. You can invest in each of these phone plays with ease on the TSX through your broker


Some of these companies are more established than other. The mega-cap Canadian telecom giants pay dividends and are not the same growth opporunities that some of these other stocks represent.

Some represent news agencies with online portals and print editions (newspapers) and some are entirely composed of what investors refer to as 'new media' online content. Depending on your investment profile, there may be a number of great options for you available in this sector to choose from.

Market Cap in Millions Market Cap in Millions Market Cap in Millions
Thomson Reuters Corporation TRI 31808.82
BCE Inc. BCE 25873.20
Rogers Communications Inc. RCI 20226.31
TELUS Corporation T 12588.72
Shaw Communications Inc. SJR 7862.62
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund BA 3239.40
Yellow Pages Income Fund YLO 3057.76
Astral Media Inc. ACM 2035.22
Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. MBT 1740.51
Corus Entertainment Inc. CJR 1454.20
Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund CGX 1220.84
Transcontinental Inc. TCL 1164.54
Cogeco Cable Inc. CCA 1128.37
Imax Corporation IMX 978.92
World Color Press Inc. WC 861.10
YPG Holdings Inc. YPG 839.93
Torstar Corporation TS 736.46
Cogeco Inc. CGO 448.78
MDC Partners Inc. MDZ 319.00
Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited NCC 240.42
TVA Group Inc. TVA 229.52
Otelco Inc. OTT 203.72
GVIC Communications Corp. GCT 123.12
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited MHR 106.32
Wireless Matrix Corporation WRX 72.74
Score Media Inc. SCR 67.47
Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. XSR 67.33
NeuLion Inc. NLN 59.57
DHX Media Ltd. DHX 50.53
TeraGo Inc. TGO 45.05
FP Newspapers Income Fund FP 33.27
Phonetime Inc. PHD 9.12
Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. RNK 5.77

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