Forest Product Stocks Canada

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The Canadian forestry sector is large and diverse. As would be expected from the 2nd largest country in the world.

Canada is a great land of opportunity when it comes to forest products and this is greatly represented on the Toronto Stock Exchange. You can easily invest in several great Canadian timber harvesting, logging companies. Those who produce paper products and wood products from the timber or both.

Forestry products made by companies like Domtar are prevalent and pepetually in demand. If you want to purchase Canadian forestry equities, there is a complete list below. Some focus on the pulp and paper industry and other focus on the aforementioned.

Canadian Forestry Sector - Complete list

Market Cap in Millions Market Cap in Millions Market Cap in Millions
Sino-Forest Corporation TRE 3711.35
Domtar Corporation UFS 2195.87
West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. WFT 1329.71
Canfor Corporation CFP 1212.30
Winpak Ltd. WPK 579.80
Canfor Pulp Income Fund CFX 510.75
Norbord Inc. NBD 495.30
Stella-Jones Inc. SJ 433.20
TimberWest Forest Corp. TWF 426.01
Domtar (Canada) Paper Inc. UFX 326.10
Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd. ANS 260.12
Fortress Paper Ltd. FTP 215.72
International Forest Products Limited IFP 189.06
Mercer International Inc. MRI 151.04
Fibrek Inc FBK 143.64
Acadian Timber Corp ADN 102.90
Goodfellow Inc. GDL 96.60
Catalyst Paper Corporation CTL 59.17
Western Forest Products Inc. WEF 36.02
PRT Forest Regeneration Income Fund PRT 24.14

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