Biotech Sector in Canada

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Lifesciences and health care make up a large portion of the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada.

Despite the presence of socialized medicine in Canada, there is still a very large demand for health care services and research. Some of the pharmaceutical companies in Canada are currently producing drugs, some are research companies that are sheding money, but hoping to discover a new drug and some provide other medical services to the sector.

Canada's health care market is burgeoning as baby boomers are rapidly aging. You can catch some of this potentially by investing in palative care, nursing and other age based medicines on the TSX.

Below is a complete list of the medical stocks that trade in Canada.

Healthcare Stocks in Canada on the TSX

Name Ticker Market Cap in Millions
Adherex Technologies Inc. AHX  
Aeterna Zentaris Inc. AEZ  
Afexa Life Sciences Inc FXA  
Akela Pharma Inc. AKL  
Allon Therapeutics Inc. NPC  
Ambrilia Biopharma Inc. AMB  
Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. AMF  
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. ANP  
Atrium Innovations Inc. ATB  
BELLUS Health Inc. BLU  
Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. BNC  
Biovail Corporation BVF  
BioWest Therapeutics Inc BWE  
Cangene Corporation CNJ  
Cardiome Pharma Corp. COM  
Centric Health Corporation CHH  
Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. DND  
CML Healthcare Income Fund CLC  
Counsel Corporation CXS  
DiagnoCure Inc. CUR  
Extendicare Real Estate Investment Trust EXE  
GeneNews Limited GEN  
GLG Life Tech Corporation GLG  
Helix BioPharma Corp. HBP  
IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc. I  
Isotechnika Pharma Inc ISA  
LAB Research Inc. LRI  
Labopharm Inc. DDS  
Lorus Therapeutics Inc. LOR  
MDS Inc. MDS  
Medicago Inc MDG  
Medwell Capital Corp. MWC  
MethylGene Inc. MYG  
Microbix Biosystems Inc. MBX  
Northstar Healthcare Inc. NHC  
Novadaq Technologies Inc. NDQ  
Noveko International Inc. EKO  
Nuvo Research Inc. NRI  
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. ONC  
Ondine Biopharma Corporation OBP  
OPMEDIC Group Inc. OMG  
Paladin Labs Inc. PLB  
Patheon Inc. PTI  
ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. PLI  
Protox Therapeutics Inc. PRX  
QLT Inc. QLT  
Response Biomedical Corp. RBM  
Resverlogix Corp. RVX  
SemBioSys Genetics Inc SBS  
Spectral Diagnostics Inc. SDI  
TearLab Corporation TLB  
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation TKM  
Thallion Pharmaceuticals Inc. TLN  
Theratechnologies Inc. TH  
Transition Therapeutics Inc. TTH  
TSO3 Inc. TOS  
Warnex Inc. WNX  
Wex Pharmaceuticals Inc. WXI  
YM BioSciences Inc. YM  

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