Canada Stock Watch

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Vision is commited to providing quality stock data and analysis to Canadian investors and those living abroad.


This page details briefly the stocks we are watching and attempts to explain why

LG - Lacleade Group -  waiting for lower entry point.  Great utility with tons of equity
BMY - Bristol Meyers Squibb - perennial dividend winner.  waiting for lower entry point
KSU- preference.  American rail road play- waiting for lower preferred entry


CHK-D - Chesapeake prefered
REP-A - Repsol - currently held preferred shares
NRF  - owned in the past, looking for a drop.  REIT that may recover, may not.  Risk play
ZLC  - Canadian Long Corporate Bond ETF.  Bonds look over priced.
JTI - Jite Technologies - small cap Chinese
IBB - one of my brokers.  a great growth play
PZA.UN - pizza pizza income trust - waiting to see this one lower and waiting for end of days for royalty trusts in Canada
APA-D - Apache Pref
L-A - Loblaws Grocer Preffered series A..  Couple bucks above it’s callback price.  Not interested until it comes down.
FTS-F - Fortis Preferred
PGX - love preferreds - dont so much love the concentration of financials in Pref etfs
XLU - own share of this utility ETF.  protects against downturn in Canadian dollar
XRE - REIT ETF, recently switched to monthly distributions
MCZ - Canadian small cap video game peripherals maker
IMKTA - us grocer, not normally my kind of play
HUM - Humana
KMB - Kimberly Clarke - bought in on recent earnings dip
NLY - annaly capital management - high yield - plays the yield curve on MBS
GNK - dry bulk shipper will benefit if recovery sets in
BALT - basically tracks the dry bulk index
BKCC - Black Rock
FTR - France Telecom - high yield, good to play when European instablility kicks in
HCBK - Hudson City Bankcorp.  High quality, moderately high yield US bank
NWF.UN - North west Fund.  One of the oldest companies in North America.  Services low cost retail to remote regions of Canada’s north
MSFT - I am an owner of the big M.  Historically undervalued.  Naysayers are everywhere.  My kind of play
LMT - Lockheed Martin
UNS - utility with nice yield. waiting for lower entry price.
YNGFF - one that I keep meaning to research
LGND - high risk pharma play.  Generally not interested in pharma or biotech
CIM - Chimera investment - Owned by NLY - high yield, the name scares a bit!
PKN - one of two Nuclear energy ETFs I’m watching
NLR - the other of two Nuclear energy ETFs I’m watching
TNCC - tennessee commerce bankcorp.  High risk, high return US bank that i own a small stake in
FXA - Australian dollar ETF.  I’m bearish the Aussie dollar, so I just watch this one to see how it plays out

These are just a few of the many ideas we are cooking up at Canada Stock. They are good starting points for research and you should tread carefully when researching them because they all meet different investment styles and tax situations. Disclosure: the author is long some of the securities mentioned and may be long any or all of the others in the future.