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Vision is commited to providing quality stock data and analysis to Canadian investors and those living abroad.


Once we have arranged access to Canadian market data, this landing page will be the source in Canada!

Stock Quotes are very important to an investor - especially a trader in this day and age. Digital real-time quotes are not only the reality today, but they are the norm. In this age of information we expect real time market data to flood into our homes.

Canada Stock hopes to become a provider of FREE live, accurate market data including quotes, charts, TA, fundmental analysis and more!

Streaming Market Data

Once we gain access to market data, we will be a provider. In the meantime, we recommend Yahoo! Canada, Google Finance, or Globe and the Mail for access to market data in Canada for tracking stocks on the TSX. We are not aware of any FREE sources of live market data in Canada. Yahoo and Google are delayed up to 30 minutes or more.

If you want to sign up for a broker, most of them offer free market data to Canadians. You can check out our brokers page at the link.