Apartment REITs Canada

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The Canadian REIT market isnt as massive as the one in USA, so there are fewer choices on the TSX for REITs.

However, there are a number of REITS who hold, own, and operate apartment buildings with the goal of producing steady income and maintaining high occupancy rates.

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CapREIT aka Canadian Apartment Properties REIT is one that focuses on apartments in major urban centres in Ontario and elsewhere. (TSX: CAR_U.TO). Another option is Boardwalk REIT which is focused on apartments in Western Canada. Another is Centurion Apartment REIT.

Canadian Apartment Investing

IF you are a Canadian who is looking for the income of investing in apartments for rent, but cannot afford an entire building or even a unit, you may consider investing in a REIT. These REITS SHOULD pay reliable income if they are well run, low leverage and purchase assets at reasonable prices with no future write downs. Therein often lies the rub in buying a REIT in the current climate of unreasonable asset appreciation.