Health Care REIT: not common in Canada

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Healthcare REITs are real estate investment trusts that hold assets in the health care industry.

Since healthcare is socialized in Canada there are not, to the best of our knowledge, any health care REITs in canada. These REITs are often seen as stable REITS that can earn hefty dividend payouts. Even thought there arent any in Canada, there are certainly many in the US that are easy for Canadians to invest in. The closest thing to a Canadian Healthcare REIT appears to be Chartwell Seniors Housing Real Estate Investment Trust


Here is a list of the Health care REITS that we track here. It is interesting to note that some of them have interest in Canada in the form of non socialized/public medicine. We will be providing more information about these REITs in the future.

Care Investment Trust -CRE- Assisted Living and nursing REIT in USA
Cogdell Spencer -CSA- Owns office buildings in S.E US that pertain to the health care industry
HCP -HCP- Owns diversified healtcare properties including hospitals and assisted care facilities.
Health Care REIT -HCN-
owns facilities in 39 different states. Assisted care and others.
Healthcare Realty Trust -HR- Owns various health care facilities in 28 of the continental states. Including outpatient facilities, skilled nursing, rehab facilities, and other items.
LTC Properties -LTC- Invests in long term care facilities through mortgage loans.
Medical Properties Trust -MPW- Owns various surgery, rehab and other facilities.
Nationwide Health Properties -NHP- Develops and runs Hospitals, nursing and independent
Omega Healthcare Investors -OHI- 
Senior Housing Properties -SNH- Owns and runs the day to day of many nursing homes, senior apartments & other. They then lease to medical professionals
Universal Health Realty Income -UHT- Owns Rehabilitiation facilities, acute care hospitals, behavorial facilities, childcare hospitals, and others
Ventas -VTR- Owns various properties in the USA AND in Canada.

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