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To the best of our knowledge and research, there are no hotel or motel REITs available in Canada on the TSX or other exchanges.

However, there are a number of hotel REITs that allow you exposure to the American hospitality market. If you examine our list below, you will have a starting point for research. The list tries to be as comprehensive as possible, But please read our disclaimer and always reflect on the date of the list.

Below is the requested list that was mentioned above.

Lisit of Hospitality Hotel REITs in the USA

Name Last Price Current Yield SYmbol
Ashford Hospitality Trust AHT
Chatham Lodging Trust CLDT
Chesapeake Lodging Trust CHSP
Diamond Rock Hospitality DRH
Entertainment Properties Trust EPR
Felcor Lodging Trust FCH
Golf Trust of America GTA
Hersha Hospitality Trust HT
Hospitality Realty Trust HPT
Host Hotels HST
InnSuites Trust IHT
Lasalle Hotel Properties LHO
Pebble Brook Hotels PEB
Strategic Hotels & Resorts BEE
Sunstone Hotel Investors SHO
Supertel Hospitality, Inc. SPPR

Please read our disclaimer and keep in mind that the list was last updated 2008.