Canadian Retail REITs

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REITs in Canada

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Retail REITs are Real Estate Investment Trusts who own, develop and run retail space and then make money from leasing it to leasees in the retail sector.

Canada has a number of Retail REITs. For example, the Calloway Retail REIT develops and leases properties for Walmart super centers and other retailers. You may have seen their "smart centers" in your travels. You can find a full list of Canadian Retail REITS here.

There are, as usual, many more Retail REITs in the US. And as Canadians, we are able to invest in virtually any American stock with ease. The thing to keep in mind is the tax status of these REITs. You should discuss with your accoutant the factors involving taxation of foreign REITs.

American REITs

Including market cap at time of the article, The largest are as follows.

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